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Ramdhan (13-00-45)

nitrogen and potash plant nutrients

100% water soluble fertilizer containing two major plant nutrients viz., Nitrogen and Potash, essential for plant nutrition and growth. Suitable for both foliar spraying and drip irrigation, Free flowing and easy to handle

Features & Benefits
1. The presence of nitrate has got synergistic effect on uptake and absorption of potassium by the plant.
2. The nitrogen is present in nitrate form, which is more efficient form of nitrogen
3. Contains less sodium and chloride which are detrimental to plants at higher concentration
4. Wide-range compatibility with all types of fertilizers and agrochemicals.
5. Non-volatile, easy to apply with no nitrogen losses to the atmosphere.

For fertigation, number of application depends on crop.
Fertigation : Use dosage based on results of the soil analysis, crop and its growth stage. However, do not mix with fertilizers containing calcium and magnesium salts.