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Vermi Compost

humic, zink, manganese, boron, Fulvic acid, Ferrous, copper

Vermicompost fertilizer is a excellent nutrient - rich organic manure which is prepared from the process of cow dung / buffalo dung, and with the help of earthworms, worms are added in the cow dung / buffalo dung since worms constantly keep moving and consume this dung and make this dung into compost fertilizer. which is very effective more than dung fertilizer, and vermicompost fertilizer fully decayed, insect-free, Litter-free, weed-free compost. it is 100% natural organic fertilizer. Vermicompost Fertilizer is used in Home Gardens, Farmhouses, Greenhouses / net houses, Organic farming (Sajiv kheti), Fruit Orchards, Garden Lawns, Garden Plants, Pots / Containers, Vegetable Kitchen Garden, Floriculture, Horticulture, Agriculture, Nursery Plant Propogation, Seed Germination

Benefits of Using Vermicompost Fertilizer
1. Vermicompost fertilizer cannot harm the plants in case given in more quantity described or preferred.
2. It helps in plants in development and growth and the plants are able to withstands in conditions of extreme heat and cold.
3. Use of Vermicompost keep the plants lush green.
4. It increases the diseases resistance power in the plants.
5. Use of vermicompost removes all types of deficiency from plants.
6. The use of vermicompost increases and produces the plant production.

Dosage: - Varies as per crops